007 Tips for Living the Bond Life

Over more than 50 years, 007 has rubbed elbows (and other appendages) with more than 55 Bond girls, fought more than 130 villains and femme fatales, knocked-back countless vodka martinis, driven five different models of Aston Martin, visited more than 50 different countries and been armed with more than 100 gadgets and guns—a few of which he even returned intact.

From Sean Connery to Daniel Craig, James Bond has become a style icon–and the phrase ‘living the Bond life’ conjures up images of the very best life has to offer. So here’s to living the Bond life, with 007 tips from the one and only Roger Moore, author of Bond on Bond: Reflections on 50 Years of James Bond Movies and One Lucky Bastard: Tales from Tinseltown (coming in October 2014).

1. Make a strong introduction
It was Sean Connery, the silver screen’s first 007, who first delivered the infamous line, ‘Bond, James Bond,’ in the first Bond movie, Dr. No, in 1962.

Bond intro

2. Get a great haircut
Getting my hair cut for my first Bond movie, Live and Let Die, was such a big deal to the English press at the time, it actually made the newspapers.

Bond Haircut

3. Never kiss and tell
I’m always asked ‘Who is your favorite Bond girl?’ to which I always answer ‘I never give an answer as I think it is terribly unfair to name one co-star as being any better than another. You immediately upset someone.’

Bond Kiss

4. Drive a killer car
It wasn’t really until Goldfinger that the ‘Bond car’ really grabbed people’s imagination. The Aston Martin DB5 had a gear knob that triggered an ejector seat, an early GPS tracking monitor, weapons tray, front-firing machine guns, mud slick, rear bulletproof screen and more.

Bond car

5. Order the proper drink—shaken, not stirred
The famous vodka Martini, so often stirred instead of shaken. Although I never ordered one in any of my seven films, here I am with one – though not, I hasten to add, served in a proper Martini glass.

Bond Martini

6. Accessorize tastefully
Bond girls are certainly bewitching, beguiling and memorable but they are not always necessarily just the victims of the Bond charm: many villainesses, allies and co-workers are given the moniker too.

Bond Girl Maud

7. Dress sharp
James Bond is the quintessential well-dressed English spy who epitomizes style. Douglas Hayward, who supplied my ‘Bond look’ said, “Keep them as classic as possible, as I believe people will be watching Bond films in twenty years’ time.” Make that more than 50.

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