Medicine Dog

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Medicine Dog book coverAdvance praise for MEDICINE DOG

 “A gutsy, consciousness-raising book…”—Kirkus Reviews

 “Pet journalist Julia Szabo describes her harrowing struggle with a perirectal fistula and her fight to get a controversial treatment already widely available to animals. . . . Szabo alerts readers to a cutting-edge medical procedure as well as the healing powers in our canine friends.”—Publishers Weekly

 “Szabo describes her book as a medical memoir, and it is—of both human and veterinary medicine. She takes up the cause of adult stem cell research, a field in which veterinary medicine has surpassed human medicine in research and treatment. . . . [and ] learns firsthand about the healing power of dog ownership and the frustration of being unable to access a treatment for herself that was widely available for her dogs.”—Library Journal

Lyons Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot Press, is proud to announce the March 4, 2014, release of MEDICINE DOG: The Miraculous Cure That Healed My Best Friend and Saved My Life, by Julia Szabo (978-0-7627-9644-1; $25.95 hardcover)—the true story of how one ailing woman’s quest to heal her beloved dog led to a surprising revelation that healed herself and proved that veterinarians are ahead of the human medical curve.

Julia Szabo was a nationally-recognized pet reporter when her dog Sam collapsed from osteoarthritis. Diligently researching how to restore his quality of life, she discovered Vet-Stem, a service that provides cutting-edge regeneration therapy for pets, using stem cells harvested from animals’ own tissue. Just hours after receiving IV and intra-joint injections, Sam began aging backward—which left Julia wondering why this simple, effective treatment was not available for humans.

Julia suffered from chronic inflammatory bowel disease, and after witnessing Sam’s astonishing recovery, she set out on a curious quest: to be treated like a dog by a doctor as competent as her vet! After a four-year wait, Julia became the first American to be successfully cured of a perirectal fistula with stem cells derived from her own fat. With this amazing true story of how a pack of shelter dogs she rescued from death row came to save her life, Julia hopes to inspire and inform readers about exciting healthcare options available to them and their cherished animal companions.

Juila Szabo, nationally recognized pet reporter and animal health advocate, produced the popular Pets column in the New York Post for eleven years. The author of six previous books, she is the health editor for and a frequent contributor to, and she pens the blog Dog Is My Doctor. Her writings on dogs have also appeared in the New York Times, The New Yorker, Reader’s Digest, Travel + Leisure, Cesar’s Way, The Bark, and FIDO Friendly magazine. She lives in New York City with her family of rescued dogs and cats. Visit her at or follow her on Twitter @PetReporter1.

Watch Julia Szabo and her “fur kids”: Newsweek video profile

Julia Szabo on Fox News: Presents for Your Pets

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