26.2 Miles to Boston

“The Boston Marathon is the story of America: Pride determination and sacrifice. After running 26.2 miles you see life and yourself differently. You feel part of American history. Michael Connelly captures that spirit.”—Ray Flynn, former Boston Mayor and Ambassador to the Holy See

26.2 miles to bostonLyons Press, an imprint of Globe Pequot press, is proud to announce the March 4, 2014 release of 26.2 MILES TO BOSTON: A Journey Into the Heart of the Boston Marathon, by Michael Connelly (978-0-7627-9635-9; $18.95 paperback).

All eyes will be on the Hub as runners assemble in Hopkinton for the 118th running of the Boston Marathon. With 26.2 MILES TO BOSTON, author Michael Connelly provides a rich and inspiring history of the race and of the men and women of varying abilities whose struggles and triumphs have colored this historic event for over a century. From the suburbs to the city’s center, Connelly puts readers into the sneakers of those who’ve attempted the world’s most prestigious race, taking us mile-by-mile through the sights and sounds experienced by the runners.

More than 15 years after his first account of the marathon, Connelly has revised and expanded his comprehensive history with new research, anecdotes and interviews with participants past and present, including witnesses to last year’s attacks and runners who’ve been training to compete this spring. Among those interviewed: David King, a surgeon who operated for 10 hours straight on bombing victims after running the 2013 marathon himself; Lee Ann Yanni, who was injured in the bombing but is looking forward to crossing the finish line this year; Summer Sanders; Joey McIntyre; and MIT Professor Wolfgang Ketterle, a Nobel Prize winner and runner.

The resulting book is a colorful and moving portrait of the world’s oldest annual marathon—a tour through its past and present, and a glimpse into its bright future.

Michael Connelly is a lifelong Bostonian and the author of Rebound: Basketball, Busing, and Larry Bird, and the Rebirth of Boston; The President’s Team (featured in the CBS documentary Marching On)The Great Book of Boston Sports Lists; and NBA List Jam. For fifteen years, he has written the popular blog “The Top Ten,” first with The Boston Herald and now with sportsofboston.comConnelly ran and completed the 1996 Boston Marathon.

One thought on “26.2 Miles to Boston

  1. When I qualified to run Boston, my daughter gave me Michael Connolley’s book, which I have read twice and greatly enjoyed. I was somewhat concerned that he was not precise in his dates in particular his writing of Tom Longbottom who he has on Page 87 jumping through the train to win the race in 1911, then on page 110 doing it in 1909′ but the appendix on page 269 shows him winning the race in 1907. Don’t editors look for these things when someone is writing a history of an event?

    In any case the story’s are great and well worth the reading.


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