Organic by Peter Laufer

Part food narrative, part investigation, part adventure story, Organic is an eye-opening and entertaining look into the anything-goes world behind the organic label. It is also a wake-up call about the dubious origins of food labeled organic. After eating some suspect organic walnuts that supposedly were produced in Kazakhstan, veteran journalist Peter Laufer chooses a few items from his home pantry and traces their origins  back to their source. Along the way he learns how easily we are tricked into taking “organic” claims at face value. Read a free excerpt below!

FREE! Download the first chapter of Organic, by Peter Laufer

Organic cover

Praise for Organic:
“Ever wonder if that ‘organic’ sticker on your produce is legit? Peter Laufer did the work to find out, and the answers are equal parts fascinating and disturbing.”
–Bill McKibben

“A lively, highly informative expose.”
–Kirkus Reviews

“It’s a testament to Laufer’s skill as a writer and reporter that he can make an interesting and edifying book out of idle musings on the origins of some organic walnuts and black beans he bought at Trader Joe’s and a local health food store.”
–Publishers Weekly

A New York Post “must-read book”!

Buy the book now:

Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling

Select media coverage:

Washington PostNew York Post, Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews

Join Organic author Peter Laufer on his adventure. View the book trailer, below.

More about the book and the author:

Organic: A Journalist’s Quest to Discover the Truth behind Food Labeling

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