Leonardo’s Brain

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 The life and art of history’s most influential mind—the final work of famed author and surgeon, Leonard Shlain.


Leonardo'sBrainPraise for Leonard Shlain:

“Leonard Shlain was a personal inspiration to me and so many others. His ability to synthesize not only information but also genuine wisdom across multiple and disparate disciplines was extraordinary. His talent for communicating to the rest of us what he had discovered was a rare gift. His death is a loss to us all.”
—Al Gore

“Leonard Shlain was an extraordinary spirit and his was an extraordinary mind. He will be sorely missed.”
—Norman Lear

Praise for Leonard Shlain’s Art & Physics:

“…a Tour de Force… a brilliant, accessible and visionary look the most revolutionary artists and scientists from the golden Age of Greece to the present.”
The Los Angeles Times

Praise for Leonard Shlain’s The Alphabet vs. The Goddess

“Bold and fascinating.”
The Washington Post Book World

In LEONARDO’S BRAIN: Understanding Da Vinci’s Creative Genius (Lyons Press, October 2014), best-selling author Leonard Shlain explores the potential for humankind through the life, art, and mind of the first true Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci. The author hypothesizes that da Vinci’s staggering range of achievements demonstrates a harbinger of the future of our species. Da Vinci’s innovations as an artist, scientist, and inventor are recast through a modern lens, with Shlain applying contemporary neuroscience to illuminate da Vinci’s creative process. No other person in human history has excelled in so many areas of innovation: Shlain reveals the how and the why.

Shlain theorizes that Leonardo’s extraordinary mind came from a uniquely developed and integrated right and left brain, which offers a model for how we too can evolve. Using past and current research, Leonardo’s Brain presents da Vinci as the focal point for a fresh exploration of human creativity. With his lucid style and remarkable ability to discern connections among a wide range of fields, Shlain brings the reader into the world of history’s greatest mind.

Leonard Shlain was a best-selling author, inventor and surgeon. Admired among artists, scientists, philosophers, anthropologists and educators, Shlain authored three best-selling books: Art & Physics, Alphabet vs. The Goddess and Sex, Time, and Power. He delivered stunning visual presentations based upon his books in venues around the world including Harvard, The New York Museum of Modern Art, CERN, Los Alamos, The Florence Academy of Art and the European Council of Ministers. His fans include Al Gore, Norman Lear and singer Bjork. Shlain died in May 2009 at the age of 71 from brain cancer shortly after the completion of this book. His legacy continues with his children who helped bring this book to publication: Kimberly Brooks, artist and founding editor of the Arts and Science Section of the Huffington Post, Jordan Shlain, doctor and founder of Healthloop.com and Tiffany Shlain, filmmaker, founder of The Webby Awards and director of the Sundance documentary, Connected, about the ideas in Leonardo’s Brain, as well as Leonard Shlain’s final year. Visit leonardshlain.com.



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